4 Top Seed Sprouters for Growing Sprouts

4 top seed sproutersGet all of the health benefits and nutrition out of broccoli sprouts (and alfalfa, sunflower, bean, radish, etc..) without all of the time consuming and costly headaches like seeds that don’t sprout, dried out plants or worse – mold!

These sprout growing kits are surprisingly simple – but that is actually the genius of it all. When the planting project is easy, you have less work and frustration, you’ll grow sprouts more often and you’ll reap all the health benefits that broccoli sprouts have to offer.

These 4 seed sprouters are all very popular and get rave reviews from users. That said, they are not great for everyone. Below, we’ve summarized the pros and cons of each.

Easy Sprout SprouterThe Easy Sprout is cheap, simple, small and even portable. If you are growing greens for one person and don’t plan on eating them daily, this can be a good option.

However, because it is smaller-sized, you are limited in how many sprouts you can grow at one time.

Victorio Seed SprouterThe Victorio!
Stackable and inexpensive, this is my favorite seed sprouter.

You can grow lots of different sprouts at one time, which is perfect for people who are salad-eaters. It takes up little space on the counter and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Some people decide to get multiple kits, which can conveniently be stacked one on top of the other so that minimal space is required on your kitchen. This easily lets you rotate your harvests so that you always have a fresh variety ready-to-eat.

If you don’t plan on consuming sprouts regularly, you don’t want to grow different types of greens at one time or you want something simpler, go for the Easy Sprout above instead.

Get the Victorio Sprouting Kit Here for $20

Sprout Garden KitThe Sprout Garden is similar to the Victorio above, but it has 3 trays instead of 4.

It also includes organic alfalfa seeds in the kit and a drainage tray for healthier plants. Many users have mentioned that it’s a good kit for newbies because it is virtually dummy-proof.

The containers are opaque, so you can’t see the sprouts growing. That said, it’s not difficult to just open the lid and look. =)

Easy Green Automatic SprouterThe EasyGreen Micro Farm Kit is automatic, meaning that you plug it in and it goes to work for you. It mists plants several times a day, creating optimal growing conditions without you having to pay attention to it.

It’s designed for the busy person who wants to grow lots of sprouts or grass without having to spend time doing it. You won’t have to remember to do the rinsing and draining, etc.. (Although many gardeners would this takes the fun out of growing your own plants…)

This grower costs significantly more than other machines, but the trade off is less maintenance and attention. It also requires power, so you will need an electrical outlet nearby. The automatic watering timer and mist generator produce the perfect growing environment for your plants without you having to really lift a finger.