Maximum Greens Super Green Formula

Maximum Greens from GNC is a convenient drink mix that contains nutrients from over 26 different superfoods and provides 6 servings of fruit and vegetables in one glass. If you’re concerned at all about getting enough fresh greens daily – this is a simple way to eliminate your worries.

The Ideal Solution for Some: 

For people who travel a lot or who have busy schedules, this can be a perfect solution. Drink it with breakfast, lunch or as a “snack” in between meals. In addition to getting the superfood nutrients that your body craves, you can get a boost of energy in the morning or mid-afternoon. It’s also a convenient way to help yourself stay hydrated, if you’re tired of counting the glasses of water you drink daily.

Other Benefits: 

Green drinks can help people ween themselves off coffee, the fiber can help with digestion, the antioxidants can aid with complexion issues and lots more. As packaged in powder form, the nutrients are condensed and therefore you don’t need to have a lot to reap the rewards.

Some Possible Disadvantages to Note: 

To some, the price can seem high when you look at the size of the container. However, when compared to the amount of fresh organic fruit and vegetables that you don’t have to buy, store and prepare, it’s actually a bargain. Plus, it’s just so much simpler.

Nearly everyone in the supplement world agrees that Green Vibrance is the best.

1.) A healthy gastrointestinal tract must function efficiently.

2.) The body must take in sufficient quantities of a complete group of healthful nutrients.

3.) Those nutrients must be delivered to all cells of the body, even those at the periphery of the capillaries’ reach.

Under these influences, optimal health can be achieved, manifested by a strong immune system, sustained energy production, and systems that run smoothly and cleanly.


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