Seagate Broccoli Sprouts… How is Broccoli Sprout Powder Made?

How is Broccoli Sprout Powder Made?Seagate Broccoli Sprout Powder Capsules are an easy way to get your sulforaphane without having to eat piles of broccoli everyday – or even broccoli sprouts.

Even if you like eating broccoli sprouts – you may get tired of eating them everyday. =)

Unlike other health products, there are no fillers in these capsules (even the vegicaps are pure), and the ingredients are freeze-dried for best nutrition retention. This is something you need to watch for when buying all-natural supplements.

Capsules end up costing about 35 cents each – and one 250mg capsule contains the equivalent nutrients of 5 grams of raw broccoli. If you do the math, you’ll realize that this is a bargain, not to mention you don’t have to plant, grow, harvest or prepare anything!

So How Do They Make Broccoli Sprout Powder?

Seagate Products grows organic broccoli plants in a remote river valley near their factory. Well water is used to irrigate the plants, and concentrated fish fertilizer is added to the soil to grow healthier plants.

Seagate then harvests the sprouts by hand during the period where they contain the maximum level of phytonutrients. The higher amount of nutrients per capsule translates to a bigger value to the end consumer.

The company then freeze dries and cryogenically grinds the greens in order to preserve these phytonutrients. This is superior process compared to some competitor’s products which are heated during the manufacturing process. The heat essentially deteriorates and reduces the available nutrients, sometimes to virtually nothing.

“Seagate created this highly concentrated, organic, freeze-dried broccoli powder in convenient capsules that make broccoli easy to take on a daily basis. Adults and children can take 2 capsules per day as part of a healthy diet.” – Seagate Products

Seagate Broccoli Sprout Powder Capsules



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