Fruit and Vegetable Noodles? How to Make Your Own…

Spiral Vegetable SlicerWhen I first looked at this gadget, I was like, “Oh yeah, that’s one of those As Seen on TV gimmicks for $19.95, right?”.

Sure, it makes your food look cool, but the bottom line is that it can get you and your family to eat more vegetables and fresh salads. Once you get in the habit of eating whole foods, sticking with it becomes much easier – especially with a curly-food maker in the house.

That factor in itself is worth the $35 price of admission. That’s right, it’s not $19.95. But consider the fact that it makes an impossible-looking task instantly quick and easy – plus there are 3 different blade attachments, so you can more fun with your shapes.

This is the Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Spiral Vegetable Slicer. However, that is a lie, because it can do fruit too. In fact, round fruit like apples do quite well with this gadget: simply place the fruit on the prongs and turn the wheel while pushing base toward blade.

Think you might get tired of spiraled food? Think again.

Spiral SlicerIn 5 minutes, I came up with 3 completely different ideas that you can of course mix up yourself with different fruits and vegetables, slicing and cooking techniques. Keep in mind, I didn’t even mention a green salad, slaw, vege stir fry or wild pizza toppings.

First of All, Veggie Pasta

Yes, spiral your zucchini, carrots and other squashes into thin, spaghetti-like strands. Lightly cook them and add your favorite tomato sauce, butter and spices or melted cheese, and you can have a low-carb nutrient-rich meal that is colorful and fun.

Secondly, Healthy Curly Potato Fries

You may have already make your own homemade baked potato wedges in the oven – but what about curly fries? Or what about sweet potato ribbon fries? Shapes make food much more fun – especially if you are trying to get your kids to eat healthier meals.

Third, Spiral Fruit Salad

Keep fresh, healthy snacks on hand for whenever you get hungry with spiral-cut apples, pears and other fruit. Mix in berries for more color and shapes or add cucumber ribbons. A prepared mixed fruit salad often looks more appetizing that a plain apple or pear from the fruit bowl. This trick can be especially helpful if you are trying to stick to a whole food or lower calorie diet too.

Made for Convenience.

I think Paderno World Cuisine was reading our mind:

Spiral Slicer Blade1. A versatile kitchen gadget that is made with tough and durable BPA-free plastic  and stainless steel blades that  doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Sign me up!

2. 4 feet that suction to the table top surface so the device doesn’t slip all over the place? How genius and cute at the same time.

3. And no batteries or power outlet needed? Great, one less thing to worry about breaking.

Great for People Who Don’t Like to Cook

I personally don’t like to cook. This gadget essentially can disguise my bad cooking skills by making the the food look so cool that I don’t have to come up with some amazing side dish to bring to the next pot luck. Kids complain less about eating their fruits and veges, and actually, so do I. =)

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