5-Day Salad Garden: How to Grow a Salad in 5 Days

How to grow a salad in 5 daysFirst of all, yes it’s true. You read it right.

You can grow very nutritious organic salad greens in 5 days, and then you can harvest and eat them on the fifth day. You can even grow them indoors, which means that you can grow your salads all-year-round and never have to rely on store-bought greens again.

Why Would You Want to do This?

First of all organic greens are expensive. Second, lettuce wilts quickly, especially the organic kind. Third, we have to continually go to the store to buy them when we need them, and usually we run out at the least opportune and inconvenient moment.

How Do You Do It?

Let me say right off the bat this is not your typical iceberg lettuce salad. It’s not made of mixed greens or even from a mesclun salad mix – but you’re getting closer. It’s made with sprouts!

This is not just a pile of alfalfa sprouts in a bowl, though. I’m talking about 12 different kinds of greens, with a mix of flavors, textures and of course, nutrition. Get a spicy kick to your salad with some nutty crunch at the same time. Imagine buying 12 different types of lettuces at your grocery store and throwing them in a salad. A little too much work, right?

Not this mix. Grow all of the sprouts together at one time on your kitchen counter. Harvest them when you’re ready to eat your meal, and you’ll have the freshest food you can find. (Talk about farm to fork!)

What Ingredients Do You Need?

Sprouting Seed Assortment 12 Lbs, including:

  • Adzuki
  • Broccoli
  • Clover
  • Garbanzo
  • French Lentils
  • Green Lentils
  • Red Lentils
  • Mung
  • Green Peas
  • Snow Peas

Most likely, these sprouts are much more nutritious than the lettuces you buy at your local supermarket, especially if the lettuces are non-organic and have been harvested days before you pick them up at the store.

Nutritional Value?

Sprouts are known to be high in digestive enzymes as well as protein and essential amino acids. In addition, they are packed full of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals – plus chlorophyll when they absorb sunlight on your kitchen counter.

Salads for 1 Year?

Yes, you can buy all of these ingredients at once – and if you don’t yet have a sprouter, you can get it at the same time in one convenient kit for $15 more.

Keep in mind that this 12 Lb kit makes a lot of sprouts Рapproximately 7 pounds of sprouts for every 1 pound of seeds. Therefore, you can buy your fresh, organic salads for the year in one fell swoop for under $100 and be done with it!


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