Salad Maker Kitchen Bioset Sprout Germinator

The Bioset salad maker is a very simple, easy-to-use unit that comes with 5 parts – 3 trays and a top and a bottom. As the video demonstrates, add about a tablespoon of sprouting seeds to each tray. Of course, because the unit comes with 3 separate trays, it makes it easy to grow three different types of sprouts.

Once you have added the seeds, add between 16oz and 20oz of water. Excess water will end up in the base. Water will fill each tray with enough liquid necessary for seeds to sprout and grow in a healthy humid environment. It’s a good idea to place your salad maker in an area that receives some light, but not direct sunlight.

Because there is no soil involved, it makes harvesting, eating and cleaning super easy and hassle free.

This video shows how to make your own salad sprouts using the bio-set salad maker.