Sproutamo Easy Sprout Sprouter: How it Works

The Easy Sprout Sprouter almost looks too simple to work – but that is actually one of its main benefits! You don’t have to have a huge complicated and expensive kitchen appliance to grow great sprouts.

In fact the simpler it is too use, the more likely you are to use it because it is simply easy! The Sproutamo only has 6 pieces. In addition to being non-complicated to use – this makes it easier to clean as well. Bonus!

The video below demonstrates how to use this sprouter. As you’ll notice it’s conveniently smaller than other gadgets. This is about 1 quart. It’s ideal if you don’t have a lot of extra space in your kitchen to spare or if you don’t want to grow many sprouts at one time – like if you are a one-person household.

However, if you have a 4-person household, for example, or people who like eating sprouts on a regular basis, this little gadget is probably not for you. Go for a larger, yet still simple “machine” like the Victorio.

There is rinsing involved with the Sproutamo. About every 12 hours you will need to run water over your seeds/sprouts, and that’s really the extent of the work. The container is designed for proper ventilation and drainage during the growing period – which creates a healthier growing environment for the plants.

Many people find that a better growing environment enables more seeds to sprout and can prevent mold from growing. There are several good tips in the video, but the bottom line is that it’s super simple.

In this movie we take you from dry seed to fully grown French Garden (our most popular mix, it is a clover based blend and so is representative of all Leafy Sprouts – including Alfalfa), using the perfect Easy Sprout Sprouter. This is very detailed and runs right up to the maximum time YouTube allows.


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