How To Sprout Sunflower Seeds

First, get sunflower seeds suitable for sprouting. Then soak them in water from about 24-48 hours. Then rinse them.

After you have rinsed them, place them in a bowl covered by a damp cloth to retain moisture in the space. After about 2 days, the sunflower seeds should start sprouting out of the shells.

At this point, you want to place them in soil. Add about a 1/2 inch of potting soil to a tray or container than can drain. Add the sprouting sunflower seeds on top. Add a thin layer of soil on top of that and an absorbent piece of paper on top of that.

Pour water over the paper. It will drain through to the soil and seeds, while excess water can drain out of the bottom of the planting container. The paper on top will help retain moisture to provide an optimal growing environment for your seeds.

Remove the paper when sprouts start to appear out of the soil. Continue to water them once or twice daily. Once they are a few inches tall (or they start growing a second round of leaves), they are ready to harvest. You can cut them at the base and then eat them. Watch the video to find out more!

How to grow and harvest your own Sunflower seed sprouts indoors in trays. Easy and simple instructions.


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