Sprout Garden 3 Tray Sprouting Kit – Is It Any Good?

The Sprout Garden is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets for growing broccoli sprouts. It’s compact, easy-to-use and efficient.

What I Like About the Sprout Garden:

What I Like and Don't Like About the Sprout Garden SprouterIts 3 stackable trays don’t take up much space on a kitchen counter. The design of this system allows seeds to stay moist during the growing phase while not being waterlogged.

Basically, this means that you can have fuller, healthier harvests without having to put up with problematic mold issues.

Another feature that I like about the Sprout Garden is that the trays are a dark color rather than transparent.

Seeds can develop into healthier plants when they initially start in a darker environment. This encourages the sprouts to struggle for light during their initial growth phase, which in turn creates stronger, larger sprouts.

People who use clear mason jars to sprout their greens sometimes try to place their containers in a dark pantry or space with limited light. However, the problem with this is that there is typically very little air flow, which can lead to mold issues. The Sprout Garden solves this potential problem.

1 Drawback to the Sprout Garden…

What I don’t like about this all-in-one kit is that it comes with alfalfa sprouts rather than broccoli sprouts. You are essentially paying for the alfalfa sprouts even if you don’t want them. Then you need to purchase broccoli sprouts separately.

That said, broccoli sprouts can be quite pungent (similar to radish), and many growers choose to combine them with other more mild varieties like alfalfa. This can be specially nice if you plan to use them for sprout salads.

Beginners Welcome!

Growing sprouts at home can be a great way to save money and have have fresh greens conveniently at your fingertips – but you can also grow a variety of seeds at once and essentially grow yourself a fresh salad! This video shows you how to do it.

Use Sprouts on Sandwiches for More Superfood Nutrition

You actually don’t have to know anything about growing sprouts, plant types or be a professional gardener. There are very easy “microgreen starter kits” for those of us with brown thumbs who still want to enjoy the wonders of growing our own fresh food!

Compared to a smaller container, like a mason jar or the Sproutamo, the Sprout Garden has space to accommodate more plants. You can grow sprouts separately in the different trays, or you can grow a mix together in a single tray, such as a microgreen salad.

Another benefit to having multiple trays is that you can rotate trays for continuous growing. This way, you are never having to wait for your sprouts to finish growing, because you can always have a batch that is ready to eat. Once you get in the habit of growing your own sprouts and see how easy it is – you will probably really appreciate having multiple growing trays. Have fun!

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