List of 14 Sulforaphane Foods + Their Health Benefits

Among many other field experts, the American Nutrition Association states that sulforaphane has shown to be an “anticancer” that is produced when we chew cruciferous vegetables.

14 Foods with Sulforaphane

Broccoli sprouts are the young version of the broccoli plant, and they are particularly high in sulforaphane (significantly more than in the mature plant form), but what other foods contain this highly sought after nutrient?

Here’s a List of Foods with Sulforaphane:

  1. Brussels Sprouts
  2. Broccoli
  3. Cabbage
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Bok Choy
  6. Kale
  7. Collards
  8. Chinese Broccoli
  9. Broccoli Raab
  10. Kohlrabi
  11. Mustard
  12. Turnip
  13. Radish
  14. Watercress

Even if you enjoy broccoli sprouts, you might not want to eat them everyday. Instead, eat a variety of cruciferous vegetables on a regular basis. Consequently, you can get a good amount of sulforaphane. Plus, you can consume a variety of vitamins, minerals and enzymes at the same time.

Use Sprouts on Sandwiches for More Superfood Nutrition

In fact, WebMD calls cruciferous vegetables “Super Veggies”. They help to lower oxidative stress and reducing cancer risk (due to their disease-fighting phytochemicals). In addition, these greens contain a variety of vitamins (A, C, E, B1, magnesium, potassium and folic acid) and a healthy dose of fiber too.

Even if you don’t like the taste of leafy greens, try to sneak these sulforaphane-rich foods into your diet. For example, blend them in smoothies, soups, sandwiches or casseroles.

Not only will you get a variety of significant health benefits, but their fiber aids in digestion. Plus, their fibrous bulk helps fill you up without loading you with a bunch of calories.

If the thought of making a raw salad with these vegetables doesn’t appeal to you, consider cooking them. For instance, try them in stews or soups with other flavorful foods and spices.

Blending Broccoli Sprouts into a Superfood Green Drink with a Ninja Blender

Some people “hide” them in smoothies as well. Broccoli sprouts work especially well for this, since you don’t need to eat a lot to receive the health benefits. A little goes a long way.

Of course, you can go the way of broccoli sprout supplements, which make it incredibly easy to get your daily dose of this cancer-fighting phytochemical. There are several on the market, but some of the most popular include Broccomax, Source Naturals and Vitacost’s Broccoli Sprout Extract.


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