How to Grow Broccoli Sprouts… in a Hemp Sprout Bag?

Hemp Sprout Bag for Growing Broccoli Sprouts (Cheap and Easy)Rather than growing broccoli sprouts in a jar or tray, you can to use an organic hemp sprout bag. This method requires minimal effort and costs less than $15.

Compared to sprouting in a mason jar or tray, these hemp bags don’t take up valuable counter space. For example, you can hang them from a kitchen cabinet knob or cup hook.

In addition, you can transport them much more easily if you are traveling, camping, etc.. Plus, the bag won’t break. =)

Step 1: Soak Your Sprouting Seeds

Similar to other sprouting methods, start by soaking the seeds in water (inside the bag). Do this for several hours or overnight.

Step 2: Rinse Your Sprouts

Next rinse the sprouts for 20-30 seconds. Simply run water into the sprout bag and let it drain out the bottom.

Step 3: Continue Rinsing Every 12 Hours for About 5 Days

Continue this rinsing process every 12 hours until your broccoli sprouts have reached their optimal growth. Typically, they will achieve their maximum nutritional content in about 5 days.

The natural hemp canvas provides the ideal air flow and drainage for healthy sprout growth. You don’t have to worry about stale water collecting in the bottom of the jar. Plus, hemp naturally resists mold, mildew and has antibacterial properties. These ultra-durable sprouting bags actually last several years!

That said, you do need to be more attentive to rinsing consistently. Waiting too long between rinses can cause the sprouts to dry out too much and therefore slow their growth.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

1. What kind of sprouts can I grow in these bags?

Yes, you can grow all sorts of sprouts in these sprout bags. For example, try quinoa, alfalfa, sesame, radish, millet, mung bean, pea, garbanzo, rye, etc..

2. Can I lay the bag flat if I can’t hang it up?

Yes, the hemp bag drains and aerates naturally even when laying on a flat surface.

3. What material are the bags made from?

Sprout bags are made of organic, untreated and chemical-free hemp fiber.

4. How do I clean the hemp bag?

Just turn the bag inside out and wash with soap and water. Alternatively, you can use vinegar. Then, hang it to dry.

You can see a complete demonstration of how to grow sprouts in a hemp bag below:

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Although you can easily watch your sprouts grow through a clear glass jar, hemp bags make rinsing and draining a breeze. If you are short on kitchen counter space or want a more portable option for your sprouts, this may be a better sprouting method for you.


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