Broccoli Sprouts VS Broccoli – What’s Best for Health?

Broccoli sprouts have shown to have 20 times the cancer-fighting power than regular full-grown broccoli. Yes, fresh, raw broccoli is good for you – but are broccoli sprouts better? Watch this video to find out more about broccoli sprouts VS broccoli:

Sulforaphane in Broccoli Sprouts Compared to Broccoli:

Raw Broccoli Sprouts VS BroccoliBecause the sprouts contain so much sulphoraphone, you only need to eat a handful to receive the same amount as you would get from eating an entire pound of broccoli. This is a big advantage of broccoli sprouts – and why so many people grow their own: they don’t want to eat a head of broccoli at every meal!

In fact, you can gain health benefits from consuming just a handful of broccoli sprouts each day. Therefore, you won’t get sick of them. In addition, the sprouts contain twice as much fiber as their mature counterpart.

Note: You don’t want to cook broccoli sprouts because the heat will destroy the enzyme myrosinase. Myrosinase is required to convert glucoraphanin to sulforaphane (the cancer-fighting nutrient).

Nutrition in Broccoli VS Sprouts – How Do They Differ?

That said, the mature plant does contain certain vitamins and nutrients that the tiny sprouts do not yet have. Some of these include vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, chromium and folate. Therefore, you don’t want to stop eating broccoli entirely. Just keep in mind that they provide different nutritional benefits.

As you might expect, the more healthy whole foods that you incorporate into your diet, the more nutrients you can take advantage of. In other words, add both broccoli and sprouts so you get the best of both foods. =)


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