The Secret to Growing Broccoli from Seed

Besides growing broccoli sprouts, these seeds can also be used to grow microgreens as well as the full-grown broccoli plant. Each plant stage offers different nutrients, flavors and uses in dishes.

If you are interested in growing broccoli from seed, you will find this video useful. In fact, the tips and techniques shown can help you successfully plant and harvest other vegetables in the brassica family.

This video shows gardeners how to start broccoli growing broccoli, cabbage, kale, kohlrabi and brussels sprouts from seed. Your success rate will depend on the seeds themselves but also your planting and gardening technique.

Use the proper germination, feeding and thinning strategies laid out in the video above, and you can grow a healthier and more robust crop. This process is the same for all varieties in the brassica family.

Whether you are planning on planting a vegetable garden outdoors or growing broccoli in containers, you can start your seedlings indoors using a germination tray and heat mat. This enables you to move up your growing season so you can harvest your broccoli sooner.

Broccoli Seed Germination Tray and MatHydrofarm Germination Station with Heat Mat

By controlling the temperature, lighting and humidity, you can greatly enhance seedling growth and simultaneously increase the success rate of your plants.

To promote good growth, Bonnie Plants recommends mixing plenty of nitrogen-rich amendments.

This easy all-in-one kit includes 3 inexpensive yet very effective tools:

  1. UL listed waterproof heat mat
  2. 11″ x 22″ watertight base tray with 72-cell seedling insert & 2″ humidity dome
  3. Rooting additive

Organic Broccoli Seeds
Organic Broccoli Seeds

Purple Broccoli Seeds
Purple Broccoli Seeds

Broccoli Romanesco Seeds
Broccoli Romanesco Seeds


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