Pros and Cons of Eating a Raw Food Diet

There are several benefits to eating a raw food diet, although there are some potential downsides too. It’s important to do research before getting started so that you don’t end up doing your body more harm than good.

Some people choose a long-term raw vegan lifestyle, while others simply want to do a short-term cleanse to lose weight or experience the other health benefits mentioned below. A dietary change for a shorter period of let’s say a week can have great detoxifying effects without the long term detriments that can happen to people who lack certain minerals or nutrients for long periods of time. Just something to keep in mind.

Raw Food Pyramid
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What’s the Idea Behind Eating Raw?

According to WebMD, heating food to high temperatures can destroy its nutrients and natural enzymes. Therefore, by eating raw, you can instantly increase the nutrition you receive from your food.

In addition, by avoiding processed foods, people can prevent the problem of eating snacks and meals with a bunch of empty calories that don’t do much for them except add to their waistlines. (Thus, the reason why so many people are drawn to raw diets to lose weight.)

The Pros and Cons of Eating Raw

By eating raw, some people have experienced relief from allergies, headaches, arthritis and more. This style of eating has also shown to improve memory and strengthen one’s immunity.

A downside to eating a raw diet is that people need to watch out that they get enough protein, iron, calcium and other minerals. Although some people incorporate raw eggs, fish, meat or dairy into their meal plan to get these nutrients, this is not typical.

A Little Protein Secret

One way to add more protein to an all-raw diet is through sprouts. They are a low calorie, nutrient-dense food, and some also contain a significant amount of protein. For example, pea, lentil and red clover sprouts are made up of 26% protein, and broccoli sprouts are made up of 35% protein! In fact, for every 100 calories of sprouts you eat, you’re getting 10 grams of protein. Who knew?

The Raw Food Detox Diet – 5 Steps to Health & Weight Loss

Getting started with only eating raw foods can be challenging, especially if you are used to eating highly processed foods. The key to sticking with this eating style is to take small steps to get adjusted. I personally find that using plenty of healthy fats like olive oil, coconut and avocados help make food taste richer, feel more satisfying and fill me up.

Raw Food Detox Diet BookFood preparation is also important. When meals taste good and they are easy to prepare, it makes sitting down to eat a lot more enjoyable.

Getting a meal plan guide or recipe book can give you a simple (and proven) outline to follow so you can start having awesome tasting meals right away without having to succumb to a green salad every night.

After about a week (sometimes less), many people report having more energy, greater focus, better sleep, clearer skin, better digestion and a healthy overall feeling. This makes it a lot easier to stick to a raw way of eating – to feel results so quickly.

50% or 100%?

All that said, you may find that going “half raw” is much easier and enjoyable for you. You can experience many of the health benefits without having to give up lots of the foods that you love. There is no black and white or right or wrong. The way you eat is completely up to you!


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