Sprouting Seeds Sampler: Try 12 Mixes for Cheap!

Sprout Mix SaladIf you are just getting started with sprouting, you may not know exactly what types you like.

Sure, you may want to grow broccoli sprouts, but you can grow a variety of other greens right along with them. It’s an easy way to basically… grow a salad.

This way, you can get lots more flavors and nutrients without extra work. Sprout House sells a sampler mix that includes certified organic, non-GMO seeds.

You get a small batch of each type, so if there is a flavor that you don’t like, you aren’t stuck with an entire 1 lb bag of sprouting seeds. It’s a quick and cheap way to explore different greens before you make a larger investment. In fact, the sampler costs less than $20.

Here are the varieties included in the sampler:

  • Holly’s (mung, adzuki, green pea, red lentil, green lentil, french lentil)
  • Rainbow Bean Mix (garbanzo, green pea, lentil)
  • Wisdom Blend (KAMUT brand wheat, adzuki, fenugreek, lentil)
  • Salad Mix (alfalfa, radish, clover, broccoli)
  • Veggie Queen Mix (adzuki, green pea, mung, french lentils, sunmeats)
  • Hi Power Protein Mix
  • Bean Salad Mix
  • Lentils Together (2 or more of their lentils)
  • Delaware County Mix (alfalfa & clover)
  • Jills Mix
  • Tasty Broccoli (broccoli, alfalfa, clover)
  • Clover Mix

Sprout House Seed SamplerNote:
These sample packs are Sprout House’s most popular items. The company actually sells many more mixes individually, which can be found at their website.

Andrea Cox is a Raw Living Foods Coach and a Celebrity Chef. In the video below, she shows us how to make a super simple (and very nutritious) sprout salad from a combination of radish, broccoli, buckwheat and bean sprouts.

As you’ll hear, she explains how these tiny greens are not only cleansing for the body, but they digest extremely quickly too. It’s a great light snack that packs a lot of nutrition into each bite. check it out:

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