Save 40% on Organic Wheatgrass Seeds!

Wheatgrass Seeds on SaleIm my last post, I talked about that cool wheatgrass grower, but I forgot to mention seeds, an important part of the equation.

Well, here they are – on sale!

They are organic and have an almost 100% germination rate. No wonder they have a 5 star rating from customers.

Did you know that cats love this grass too? This may be great news or not-so-great news. If you have a cat and want the wheatgrass for yourself, don’t tell your cat about it.

By the way, these wheatgrass seeds are from Organic Red Wheat, which means:

  1. It provides more nutrients for humans than any other food source
  2. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and fats (lipids)
  3. When juiced, the liquid is rich in protein

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A good place to buy wheatgrass seeds is online, since you can compare products and prices, plus you can read customer reviews. A big component of high-quality seeds is their germination rate. This essentially translates to how much value you are getting for your money.

Once you find a brand that produces a high germination rate for one type of seed, it makes shopping a lot easier, because then you pretty much trust that their other seed varieties are of similar value. Todd’s Seeds is a company well known for it’s quality.

The great thing about growing wheatgrass is that once planted, it is ready to harvest in about 12 days. This basically means taking a pair of scissors to the grass and clipping off a bunch. Don’t cut it too low, as it can continue to grow and produce more wheatgrass.

If you want your wheatgrass juice but would rather skip the wheatgrass growing process, you can buy wheatgrass juice powder. Make sure you buy “Wheatgrass Juice Powder” – not “Wheatgrass Powder”. Check out this video for more information:

Raw Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder – 92 Minerals, 20 Amino Acids



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