Sprouting Jar for Growing Broccoli Sprouts at Home

Sprouting Jar for Growing Broccoli Sprouts

Some people use glass jars to grow their sprouts. If you already have a glass jar and don’t plan on growing a bunch of sprouts at once, you can use this technique and just get a plastic lid that is designed to fit on wide-mouthed glass jars – specifically for growing sprouts.

Tips for Growing Broccoli Sprouts in a Glass Jar:

A tip from R.J. Ruppenthal, author of How to Sprout Raw Food, is to line the jar with a wet paper towel. This will absorb the water while keeping the space moist for sprouts to grow. Spray or dunk your sprouts daily with water to prevent mold growth. Sometimes twice a day may be necessary. Some people do this several times a day.

It may seem easier than it looks. Beware: the key is to maintain the proper humidity, ventilation and warmth so the seeds sprout without growing mold, etc..

Between “sprouting sessions” you will need to clean and sanitize your sprouting jar. You can do this with soap and water or vinegar. Mark Mathew Braunstein, the author of Sprout Garden, says to be careful not to leave any soap or vinegar residue in the jar, as this can inhibit the growth of your next batch of sprouts.

Sproutamo Seed Sprouter Kit

Alternatively, you could get a Sproutamo – if for no other reason but that you can say the name all the time.

But seriously, this super simple (and cheap – about $14) gadget may not look like much, but it does the job, and beginners love it. In fact, many Sproutamo owners even like it better that more expensive complex models. Go figure.

How is the Sproutamo Better than a Regular Sprouting Jar?

Different Parts of the Sproutamo Easy SprouterAs you can see, the kit includes an outer container with an inner liner as well as breathable lids. This self-draining and self ventilating system helps sprouts grow better, usually producing a larger and healthier crop than using a non-ventilated or non-draining set-up, such as a small mason jar.

This simple sprouting kit may look cheap (and it’s probably cheap to manufacture). However, it gets the job done efficiently and effectively, which is really the goal in the first place.

Steps to Make Your Own Mason Jar Sprouter:

On the other hand, if you want to know how to make your sprouting jar using a mason jar that you may have at home, watch the video below. It explains the materials that you need, the right seeds to use and the best method for growing fresh sprouts at home…


Stainless Steel Sprouting Trays for Growing Broccoli Sprouts

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