Sprout Growing Kit VS a Mason Jar – What’s Best?

Do you want an easy way to grow sprouts without having your kitchen counter look like a mess. This cool little sprout growing kit not only makes your job easy, it has a clean sleek design too…

Turn Seeds into Sprouts on Your Kitchen Counter

With this handy little gadget, you simply add your seeds, soak them in water and rinse them. Then, this sprout grower does the rest of the work for you.

Grow Your Own Sprouts Kit by Starting Seeds in WaterIn other words, the jar is specially-designed to provide the proper humidity and adequate ventilation so your greens will thrive. Plus, the clear glass allows light in while keeping the baby sprouts in a protected environment.

In addition, the upside-down container allows excess water to drain out into the tray below. Therefore, you prevent fungus, mold or rot from happening.

Chef’n Glass Sprout Growing Kit VS a Using Mason Jar:

Note: Standard mason jars cost a few dollars, so why not use those as glass containers to harvest broccoli sprouts? You could save a bunch of money, right?

Well, if you have ever tried sprouting seeds before, you know that too much or too little water can ruin your plants. Not to mention, not enough air flow or soggy, water-logged sprouts.

The specially-designed Chef’n Sprouter prevents all these problems from occurring. As a result, you don’t have to worry about constantly watching over your garden.

On top of making your job easier, the sprouting kit provides the ideal growing environment. Consequently, more seeds germinate and grow into an “adult sprout”, if there is such a thing.

You end up getting a significantly higher percentage of sprouted seeds per batch. Plus, you don’t end up throwing out a bunch of seeds that didn’t sprout or rotted halfway to maturity.

Note: By the way, the wide mouth glass jar makes it really easy to clean and sterilize between harvests. (I just use white vinegar to sterilize.)

Chef'n Seed Sprouter

Cool-Looking Sprouter You’ll Want to Show Off

Of course, the classy, modern design of this device is what caught my attention.

I mean, they do look pretty cool, especially when you have them in multiples growing different colored sprouts.

After trying to grow broccoli sprouts in mason jars myself, I know that I got tired of looking at the jars on the counter. Then, my kitchen sink got cluttered with jars once I moved the mason jars off the counter.

How to Grow Your Own Sprouts Using the Chef’n Kit:

Step 1: First, start by soaking your seed in clean filtered water for several hours, or overnight. This prepares them for germination, so they can quickly grow into edible sprouts within 5 days.

Step 2: Next, place the lid on the jar and drain the water out through the lid. Then, set the jar upside down in the drainage tray.

Step 3: Set your sprouter in an area that receives light but not direct sunlight. (Sometimes, I even place the sprouting container in a dark area for the first day. I find that this encourages more growth and healthier sprouts.)

Step 4: Rinse your sprouts 1-2 times daily with fresh water. Then, let the kit do the rest. Your greens should be ready to eat in about 5-6 days.

Easy Sprout Growing KitIn addition to broccoli sprouts, consider expanding your sprout garden to alfalfa sprouts, sunflower, mung beans, lentils, radish and more.

Each type of green contains its own unique flavor and nutrients.

Fresh sprouts add great flavor and texture to sandwiches, wraps and salads. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to get nutrient-rich organic greens into your daily diet!

Chef'n Seed Sprouter

Specs for Sprout Growing Kit:


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