How To Choose A Seed Sprouter

broccoli sproutsThese young greens are high in phytochemicals and antioxidants, making them very nutritious. You don’t have to eat that many to reap the health benefits, and they are easy to add to meals, since they require no preparation.

However, if you were to buy them at your local grocery store, they can get quite expensive. For a small container of broccoli sprouts, I’ve paid upwards of $4, and they need to be eaten within several days or else they will go bad.

Interestingly, growing your own sprouts can be easy and inexpensive. All you need is a sprouting container, seeds and some water. No soil is required, and you can grow them indoors on a kitchen counter. This means that you can grow them year round without having rely on the weather.

Some people grow sprouts in glass jars or other containers. However, the young plants can easily dry out or develop mold if you are not careful. They need just the right amount of moisture to thrive, and sprouters help ensure that the plants receive the optimal growing environment – so you don’t have to be checking and rinsing your greens all the time.

Sprouting kits don’t have to be expensive, and for the amount of work and spoiled greens they save you, they are well worth the investment. In addition, many systems let you grow a variety of greens simultaneously, like alfalfa, bean, radish, sunflower or broccoli sprouts, Automatic machines like the Easy Green Sprouter cost more – but they do more work. We’ve listed some of the top seed sprouter reviews below.

Victorio Seed Sprouter

victorio sprouterThis is probably my favorite sprouting kit. It’s simple, inexpensive and looks clean sitting on a kitchen counter – but more importantly, it works.

Because of the well-ventilated, humid and warm environment, more seeds are able to grow into healthy sprouts, and you get more value from the seeds that you buy. Lots of people try to make their own growing containers, which can sometimes be frustrating because they can yield a significantly smaller crop.

One of the big reasons I grow sprouts is to save money from buying them at the store. Seeds that don’t sprout or containers that grow mold do not save me money. Not to mention they are a pain in the butt.

We know that sprouts are healthy and provide lots of nutrients, but getting into the habit of eating them can be a challenge. When you are able to easily grow a variety of fresh greens, it’s difficult to get bored with them – and it’s super simple to throw together a salad when you want it.

You can also grow a lot of sprouts with this baby, but it won’t take over your kitchen counter.

Easy Sprout Sprouter

easy sprout sprouterThis is a super cheap sprouting kit. In fact, many people look at the photo and think it is just an over-priced plastic cup. It’s easy to overlook the unique features that make this item so cool.

Growing sprouts requires good ventilation, humidity and drainage to stimulate healthy growth and prevent mold from growing on the plants. The Easy Sprout is specially designed to create the right amount of ventilation, humidity and warmth for the plants so that you have less problems to deal with.

Compared with a glass mason jar or other homemade sprouters, this kit ensures proper drainages so there is less or no rinsing required. Regular rinsing is important with non-draining containers, but it can turn into a high-maintenance routine, and a missed rinse can ruin an entire batch of plants.

Drawback: This is not a big system, so if you want to grow lots of sprouts or a variety of greens, this is not the product for you. Choose a larger one with multiple trays. That said, if you don’t want a lot of sprouts or don’t have a lot of space, this is a great sprouter for many people.

Sprout Garden

broccoli sproutsThe Sprout Garden has 3 different trays that stack, so you can grow a variety of different greens at one time. It also has a drainage pan, which creates a healthier growing environment than a basic mason jar or other container that lacks a drainage system.

Stacking trays are a nice feature, because most people grow sprouts on their kitchen counters or other tabletop. The stacked design takes up minimal space compared to the amount of sprouts the product can produce.

What’s also cool is that you can throw the sprouting trays in the dishwasher for fast and easy cleaning. A big turn-off to DIY growing systems is the time and work involved, but with this product gardeners don’t need to worry about that.

Speaking of gardeners – if you are not one, this may be the kit for you. Many people who typically kill the plants they grow have had success with the Sprout Garden. That basically shows how simple it is to use.

Easy Green Sprouter

This is an automatic sprouter designed for people with busy schedules or who simply don’t want to attend to their sprouters as often. This unit automatically mists the plants several times a day, and excess water can drain out. This provides an optimal growing environment for the sprouts without someone having to be around and mist them.

Possible Drawbacks: Misting is not required, and automatic sprouters cost significantly more than regular kits. Therefore, unless you are growing lots of sprouts or wheat grass on a regular basis, you may want to opt for one of the less expensive growers. You also need to place the unit close to an electrical outlet, which can somewhat limit where you grow your greens.

All that said, people who have had experience growing their own sprouts appreciate the time they save and the results they get from an automatic system. Here’s the way I look at it: think about whether or not you will be a year-round grower and if you will be interested in daily plant maintenance 6 months from now.

Ideas for Using Sprouts in Meals

sprouts on breadMost people think of using sprouts in a green salad, but there are many more ways to use them. If you want to incorporate these greens into your diet on a daily basis, it’s important that you vary your menu so that you don’t get bored. It’s also a good idea to vary the types of greens that you grow, as they have different flavors, etc..

I personally like sprout sandwiches. I make lettuce, tomato and sprout sandwiches on toasted wheat bread, and sometimes I through in some cucumber slices or avocado. However, you can add sprouts to virtually any sandwich, and it adds a nice crunch. Broccoli sprouts also add some spicy flavor, as they taste like radishes.

You can also add them to your morning smoothie. This is a great solution for when you really don’t feel like having sprouts. Blended in a smoothie, you will never taste them.

Sprouts can work surprisingly well in hot dishes, such as stir fry dinners or noodle recipes. Remember, you don’t need to consume a lot of these greens to reap the health benefits, so they can even be used as a topping or garnish.

A low cost option for nutrients and fresh greens for . I’m going to try this out and let you know how it works out

Broccoli Sprout Seeds

Organic Broccoli Sprouting Seeds, 16oz
Handy Pantry


Organic Sprouting Broccoli Seeds, 16oz
Tood’s Seeds

Broccoli Organic Sprouting Seeds, 8oz
The Sprout House

Sprouting is the easy, affordable way to enjoy the incredible nutritional benefits of fresh sprouts. Plus, it’s really fun! In this video, I’ll show you the 3 easy steps to growing your own sprouts using a jar. This video is brought to you by Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds- Enjoy!

How To Sprout Sunflower Seeds


First, get sunflower seeds suitable for sprouting. Then soak them in water from about 24-48 hours. Then rinse them.

After you have rinsed them, place them in a bowl covered by a damp cloth to retain moisture in the space. After about 2 days, the sunflower seeds should start sprouting out of the shells.

At this point, you want to place them in soil. Add about a 1/2 inch of potting soil to a tray or container than can drain. Add the sprouting sunflower seeds on top. Add a thin layer of soil on top of that and an absorbent piece of paper on top of that.

Pour water over the paper. It will drain through to the soil and seeds, while excess water can drain out of the bottom of the planting container. The paper on top will help retain moisture to provide an optimal growing environment for your seeds.

Remove the paper when sprouts start to appear out of the soil. Continue to water them once or twice daily. Once they are a few inches tall (or they start growing a second round of leaves), they are ready to harvest. You can cut them at the base and then eat them. Watch the video to find out more!

How to grow and harvest your own Sunflower seed sprouts indoors in trays. Easy and simple instructions.