What is the Best Seed Sprouter?

What is the Best Seed Sprouter to Buy that Doesn’t Cost a Lot of Money?

Victorio Seed Sprouter Stackable TraysThe Victorio 4-Tray Kitchen Seed Sprouter┬áis a best-seller on Amazon and only costs about $17. That’s cheap, considering that a small package of fresh broccoli sprouts at my grocery store runs about $5 a pop.

Alternatively, you can get everything in one kit for a few bucks more (including a variety of sprouting seeds!).

You Can Grow A Lot in Minimal Space…

The 4 trays make it really easy to grow a variety of different seeds simultaneously – like you get a salad kit or something. It also keeps your mini indoor garden nice and neat on your kitchen counter so that it doesn’t get in the way or become an eyesore.

Another bonus is that growing sprouts does not require lots of sunlight. In fact, during germination and the first few days of growth, I let my seeds sit in darkness. This gives me much more flexibility as far as where I can place my stackable trays. I don’t have to always keep them in a well-lit window that might get in everyone’s way.

Sometimes the most convenient place may be on a shelf, side table or desktop. Just be sure to keep it out of closets or cabinets because you want to provide ample air circulation as I mentioned above.

What’s the Biggest Frustration?

Victorio Tray with Full-Grown Broccoli SproutsProbably the biggest frustration that beginners have is making mistakes and having mold grow or seeds not sprout. Victorio seed sprouters have simplified the process and therefore eliminated most potential problems.

Their specially-designed system maintains the proper amount of water throughout the growing period. In my personal experience, if you take care to water and rinse your sprouts daily, you will have problems.

Moldy harvests are typically due to gardens that are left unattended and have poor air circulation. This is an easy problem to avoid.

4 Victorio Stackable Trays for Growing SproutsAnd then What?

Once you become a broccoli spout growing expert – keep in mind that you can get a second sprouting kit and stack it directly on top of your first one.

You can get double the sprouts without taking up any more kitchen counter space. This system is so effecient, you may never want to hassle with growing vegetables outdoors again!

Many people choose to get a variety of different sprouting seeds and grow different types in different containers. Get more nutrients, more flavor and make an entire salad with sprouts instead of lettuce.

You can also schedule your plantings to harvest on a daily basis rather than have them ready-to-eat all at the same time.

Grow Fresh Sprouts with the Victorio 4-Tray Round Kitchen Seed Sprouter Model VKP1014.