Broccoli Sprout Powder VS Broccoli Sprouts?

Organic Broccoli Sprout Powder Pros & Cons, Where to Buy It

Broccoli Sprout Powder, an easy way to get antioxidant and cellular protection without having to eat a bunch of sproutsYou may like broccoli, but you might get tired of eating it everyday. Same with fresh broccoli sprouts. They also go bad if not eaten quickly, usually in under a week.

In my experience, this can become a hassle if you don’t eat sprouts frequently, or at least as often as you grow them. So, what about sprout powder?

Broccoli Sprout Powder has a Longer Shelf Life

Broccoli sprout powder, on the other hand, can be kept in a cool, dark place in your kitchen for months. Refrigeration is usually nor required, however it can extend the shelf life of the product.

Getting Sulforaphane Can’t Get Much Easier

The powder is also highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Sprinkle a spoonful in a smoothie, in a salad, pasta, soup, chips and more – and you’ll barely notice it’s there.

Note: on hot dishes, add the powder at time of serving for maximum health benefits.

The Powder Version is also Convenient

In powder form, broccoli sprouts suddenly become easier to transport, store and eat. The convenience factor is huge, which can make the difference between getting your sulforaphane – or not.

What to Look For in Broccoli Sprout Powder

broccoli sproutsNow, you want to get your broccoli sprout powder in freeze-dried form. If it is heated during processing, it will lose a significant amount of its nutrients. It also doesn’t hurt to get 100% organic 100% raw and gluten free while you’re at it.

Broccoli Sprouts VS Powder for Nutrients?

In my opinion, the real, organic food version is the best option for nutrition when compared to supplement forms. The same goes for broccoli sprouts, especially when you can harvest and eat them in a very live state. See medical research studies on sulforaphane and broccoli sprouts.

That said, I do take some supplements when needed. Although I like sprouts, I know I will not eat them everyday. Having a trusted supplement is a great option. I mean, it’s better to take a nutrient-dense form of the food rather than nothing at all.



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