10 Cool Ways to Use Broccoli Seed Oil

Hello, my name is BroccoliBroccoli seed oil (just like a broccoli sprout) is high in nutrients that can help our bodies in numerous ways. However, when I’m shopping for healthy products like these, I want to find out all the different ways I can use them – so I can take full advantage of course.

Broccoli seed oil is no different. I’ve outlined below several ideas for using this beneficial oil so that you can get the same benefits too.

1. A Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Broccoli seed oil is one of the lighter oils, so it works well mixed into a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment. It will not leave the hair looking greasy, but it also penetrates the hair better because it is so light.

2. Keep Hair Frizz at Bay

Lots of us deal with frizzy hair, especially as we get older. Broccoli seed oil can help tame the frizzes without weighing down hair. It also adds a nice sheen to your hair at the same time. Apply a small amount to your hands and work into your hair or mix it with aloe vera and keep in a bottle to use as a hair gel.

3. UV Protectant

Broccoli seed oil is light enough to use on your skin – and face. In addition to having essential fatty acids, it also contains sulforaphane, which helps provide natural UV protection. How? When it gets absorbed into the skin, it starts increasing production of protective enzymes.

4. To Stimulate Hair Growth

Want more hair? Or stronger hair? Or maybe you want to stop your hair from falling out? This awesome oil contains vitamins that help condition the scalp and strengthen hair follicles. Massage it into your scalp or add to your favorite conditioner.

5. Lip Balm

This light oil is a good emollient, easily penetrates the skin and offers UV protection so it can make a great lip balm. Keep in mind that some products smell strongly of broccoli, so if you don’t want to smell broccoli all day, mix in a small amount of your favorite essential oil.

6. Hydrating Skin Lotion

Broccoli seed oil is light and therefore can quickly penetrate the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. It also does not clog pores! It can be used all over the body and is easy to apply when mixed with aloe vera gel and a small amount of essential oil like peppermint, lavender or orange. It is rich in vitamins A, C and contains fatty acids as well, so it is like feeding your skin a multi-vitamin and a big glass of water at the same time.

7. To Prevent Split Ends on Hair

I mentioned above using this oil as a way to get rid of hair frizz. Well, if you also suffer from dry hair, adding some oil to the ends of your hair can prevent breakage and split ends. You can make a great haircut looking better for longer…

8.  Overnight Skin Care Treatment

With vitamin A, C and essential fatty acids, this anti-oxidant rich oil is an all-natural way to give yourself an overnight facial. (It’s like a natural source of retinol!) There is no reason why you can’t use this oil on your face during the day (especially because of it’s UV protective qualities), but don’t forget to take advantage of the nighttime hours too!

9. To Fight Inflammation

Broccoli sprout oil also contains arachidonic acid, which is known to naturally reduce inflammation. If you have skin redness, acne, a rash or other inflammatory skin condition, this oil might be able to help – naturally.

10. Hydrate and Soften Dry Skin

Winter is usually a time when we are trying to fight dry skin, and some of us deal with it all year round. Instead of adding extra lotions, which can clog pores and sometimes just cover up the problem, use broccoli seed oil to hydrate the skin without clogging pores. Think about your hands, feet, fingernail cuticles, etc….


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