3 Advantages to a Self-Watering Sprout Growing Machine

Do you want an automatic system to grow broccoli sprouts at home? The EasyGreen self-watering sprout growing machine essentially babysits your greens for you…

Automatic Sprout Growing Machine with Mister, Ventilation and Drainage

3 Ways This Automatic Sprout Grower Works:

1. First of all, the EasyGreen mists your seeds throughout the day using a timer. You don’t have to do any work except add fresh water each morning.

Your greens will enjoy the optimal moist growing environment all day long (and you don’t have to actually know what you’re doing).

EasyGreen Sprouter Features for Growing Sprouts at Home

2. In addition, this grower filters the air and includes an AirFlow lid for proper ventilation. Plus, the misting process distributes oxygen with the water as it sprays.

As a result, more seeds will sprout and develop into healthy greens. Basically, you get more sprouts with less work. =)

3. Lastly, the growing trays allow adequate drainage for your plants. As a result, excess moisture doesn’t build up and cause mold and fungus.

Note: You don’t need to pre-soak seeds as suggested with other sprout growing methods and kits. However, you can spray seeds with water prior to starting them in device to jump start the process.

What Can You Grow the Self-Watering Sprout Growing Machine?

Salad with Fresh Home Grown Broccoli Sprouts on TopThe EasyGreen System works well for growing broccoli sprouts because it’s designed to geminate plants without soil.

In addition, you can easily sprout alfalfa, mung beans and sunflower seeds. It also works for a variety of other seeds, grains and legumes.

On the other hand, some people use this device to grow wheat grass. For this reason EasyGreen allows you to remove the lid and let larger microgreens continue to grow taller.

EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter for Broccoli SproutsAs you can see, the growing container includes 5 separate trays. Therefore, you can propagate various seeds separately at one time without having to buy a lot of equipment.

Note: By the way, you can get seed sampler packs that contain a variety of seeds for sprouting. These are great for making nutritious salads, not to mention they add more flavor to your dishes.

The cost savings you can get simply from not having to buy fresh organic greens at the store can really add up.

Well-Designed Sprouter Makes Life Easier for You:

Although the EasyGreen does a lot of jobs, it has a simple design that’s very user friendly. For example, the modular design makes it easy to access and assemble the interior components.

Plus, the growing trays are dishwasher safe (and re-usable). Therefore, you can throw them in the washer for quick cleaning and disinfecting.

Automatic Self-Misting Sprout Growing Machine

On top of that, the device is compact, operates quietly and is energy efficient. You can find detailed information on usage as well as answer to frequently asked questions in the handy user manual.

Specs for the EasyGreen “Light” Sprouter System:

Molly Davenport, of Broccoli Sprout ShopIn Summary: Automatic sprout machines compared to growing lettuce in an outdoor vegetable garden makes organic home gardening seem effortless. If you like the idea of growing your own greens (but don’t have the space or the time), this convenient device may give you just what you’re looking for.


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