Sprout Master Easy Tray Kit

Sprout MasterThe Sprout Master!

This super simple sprout growing system makes it difficult to screw up your crop. The tray’s simplicity is what makes it so useful, since a complicated time-consuming process will only get people frustrated and ready to quit.

With this gadget, there is less equipment to manage, wash, etc.. If you decide to grow multiple batches, you can also stack trays to minimize the space needed without losing the necessary air circulation to grow healthy sprouts. If you’re like me, you don’t want your entire kitchen counter cluttered with a bunch of plastic containers – whether they have healthy greens in them or not.

The self-enclosing lid also makes it so you don’t have to find a dark space to start your sprouts (ie a closet or pantry). Like I said, there is less stuff to manage with this all-in-one kit, so your little kitchen farm will take virtually no time at all.

That said, don’t think that you have to buy multiple trays. Each tray comes with a center divider, so you can grow multiple crops using one tray. If you are only growing them for yourself (instead of many people or a large family), a single tray can be quite sufficient.

Round vs Square Sprouters:

If you’ve shopped around for these growing kits, you’ve probably seen the round version as well. Besides the shape, there really is not much difference. The Main benefit to having a square-shaped container is that they were designed for easy fridge storage without taking up a lot of space. If you plan on using multiple trays and don’t have a lot of extra space in your refrigerator, this rectangular tray may be the best shape option for you.

With a convenient and easy sprouting system, it’s super simple to eat healthier without even thinking about it. Trying to make sure you get in your greens everyday? It’s no problem when you have a fresh container full of them – staring at you – every time you walk into the kitchen – or when you open the fridge.

Sprouts contain live enzymes that we need for our digestive process. They contain exceptionally few calories, yet they are one of the highest sources of fiber and chlorophyll.

Here’s a trick for using this gadget:

Once your sprouts are full-grown, store them in refrigerator with a lid on the bottom and top, This will keep your greens fresher and crispier for a longer period of time – and you’ll essentially get more sprouts per batch due to the fact that you won’t have to throw old soggy ones away.

At first the tray may appear small (it measures 8 inches by 10 inches), but check out the video to see how many sprouts you can grow.

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