Grow Sprouts on Your Window? Here’s How…

MicroGreens Sprout Growing Kit

Why not turn your healthy sprout farm into stylish and decorative decor in your kitchen? You probably never thought it was possible until you saw the picture above. I know I didn’t

However, it’s really easy with the MicroGreenz Kit. Not only does the kit provide a high-quality and stylish ceramic growing, dish, but also a clear shelf that you can instantly attach and remove from any window.

Next to a window is the perfect place to grow most indoor plants, and the suction cup shelf allows you to keep your plants up and out of the way while you are doing other kitchen tasks. It’s actually an ingenious (yet overly simple) idea.

Now you can save money by not having to buy grow lights – and you don’t even need a window sill. Having plants “growing” on your window can be pretty to look at – and also be an effective way to create a privacy screen without having to build one.

MicroGreenz Window Growing ShelfBut What About the Sprouts?

MicroGreenz are veggie shoots that you grow from seed and harvest in 10 days, when grown on your window. Just “clip and eat”! One kit includes 4 crops, and even kids have fun with this super simple project. (They might even start to enjoy eating greens!)

MicroGreenz are best eaten fresh and raw and they have shown to contain up to 40 times more nutrients than the mature versions of the plants. Sprinkle them on salads or soups, throw them in sandwiches or wraps, or mix them in smoothies where you’ll never even notice they’re there.

MicroGreenz Sprout SeedsStep 1: Adhere the Veg-Ledge to a sunny window.

Step 2: Place one growing pack into the growing dish, add warm water, and wait 15 minutes until it expands and fills the dish.

Step 3: Sprinkle out MicroGreenz seeds.

Step 4: Mist daily for 10 days, clip and eat.

Simply repeat these steps for each crop package. Once you clip the greens, they don’t grow back, so essentially they are “single-use crops”.

Fresh Homegrown Sprout SandwichThis sprout growing kit differs from other products in that it is more decorative and includes everything you need in one package (even a convenient water spray bottle). For this reason, it makes a great gift and is fun for kids.

On the other hand, this window garden kit is more expensive than other sprout growers, so if you are on a budget, this may not be your best option. In addition, if you want to grow broccoli sprouts instead of learning how to grow microgreens, you will want to choose a sprout grower that provides a darker and more moist environment for your plants.


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