Biosta Sprouter Review + Comparison

This simple tray seed sprouting kit requires no rinsing. All you do is soak the seeds prior to placing them in the trays. Then water them twice a day – once in the morning and once and the evening. In 5 days, you’ve got fresh, healthy, organic sprouts at a fraction of the price you would pay at the grocery store.

The trays come with a top that helps keep a healthy humid growing environment for your sprouts. To encourage more sprout growth (as opposed to root growth) keep the sprouter in a dark environment (or keep it out of direct sunlight – or cover it with a towel).

This video review of the Biosta Sprouter compares growing sprouts in a store-bought kit vs a glass mason jar that you might have in your kitchen. Sure, the mason jar is cheaper, but there is definitely the nice convenience of a pre-made kit with specially-designed drainage holes and a lid to provide the optimal growing environment.

In my opinion, if you plan on growing broccoli sprouts (or any other varieties) infrequently or just want to do it once, it’s not worth buying a sprouter. Just use a glass jar or other clean glass container you have in your kitchen.

On the other hand, people who want to have fresh greens on hand everyday in their kitchen (and want to save money from having to buy them all the time at the grocery store), sprouting trays are great to have because they end up saving you a lot of time in cleaning and prep work. It’s also nice to divide up different types of greens into separate trays as they are growing (so that you can eat them separately in sandwiches or a smoothie or combine them together in a salad).

Some people also think that the additional space and optimal growing environment of the trays encourages more seeds to sprout (and larger plants), therefore producing a larger crop. This, in turn, gives you more value for the seeds that you buy. I’m all about getting more for your money.


Stainless Steel Sprouting Trays for Growing Broccoli Sprouts

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