“Pop-Up” Indoor Microgreen Growing Kit – for Beginners!

Do you want an easy to grow your own sprouts at home without having to buy a bunch of trays, soil, seeds, etc..? Check out this cheap and easy “Pop-Up” Indoor Microgreen Growing Kit from Window Garden.

Indoor Microgreen Growing Kit - the Easy Way to Grow Organic Greens on Your Windowsill at Home

This DIY home growing kit comes with everything you need to get started, including the soil and sprouting seed! In fact, the recyclable bags unfold and set up in a matter of minutes.

The Ultimate Seed Sprouter Package for Beginners:

Microgreen Sprouting Kit with Bag and Soil, Fits on Window SillThen, simply add the seed and water. The coconut coir soil medium effectively retains moisture, therefore, preventing your plants roots from drying out.

In other words, these mini sprout starter bags require minimal maintenance and are virtually idiot-proof.

So, you can successfully grow microgreens in your kitchen or on your windowsill even if you have failed at growing vegetables in your backyard. =)

In my opinion, they are one of the best ways to try out sprouting to see if you like it.

Windowsill Grow Kit Doesn’t Create a Kitchen Garden Mess:

These unique sprouter bags don’t clutter up your kitchen. Plus, they let you experiment with growing sprouts before investing in more expensive equipment like a Broccoli Sprouting Machine or the Freshlife Automatic Sprouter.

In fact, you can grow a ton of these nutrient-dense greens in a minimal amount of space. (Microgreens contain 4 to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts.)

How to Grow Sprouts and Sprout Greens on a Windowsill with Minimal Effort

As you can see, these “urban sprouter” bags fit perfectly on a windowsill. (And, if you need more space, consider a suction cup window shelf.

Note: Sprouts thrive in bright sunlight. Therefore, a window sill that received direct sun makes the ideal location for growing your microgreens. The baby plants typically are ready for harvest in about 10 days.

Furthermore, these small, “self-contained” growing bags are convenient for people who only want to grow sprouts occasionally. (Plus, you don’t have to grow all 3 bags at once!) Not to mention, they make great gifts for health enthusiasts.

By the way, each pop up bag makes a small salad or multiple meal toppings.

Homemade Microgreen Salad

Note: You can get a pop-up microgreens kit with different types of seeds. For example, broccoli, cat grass, corn, kale or assorted sprouts. That said, many people like the broccoli microgreens because they contain sulforaphane and provide numerous health benefits.

Specs for the Pop-Up Indoor Microgreen Growing Kit:


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