4 Sprouting Jar Lids for Growing Sprouts

Where are the Sprouts?If you have never grown sprouts at home and want to try it out – or maybe you just occasionally want to have fresh sprouts, you may not want to invest in an entire sprouting kit.

You may already have some mason jars at home, in which case, you can simply get lids and be ready to “get sprouting”.

There are ways to make your own mesh lids, including cutting a piece of screen fabric and attaching it to the jar with rubber bands. However, this can get a little messy and usually is only good for a one-time use before you have to cut another new piece.

I recently came across these lids, which you can conveniently buy without having to buy the jars. They are designed to fit on the mouth of any regular mason jar or ball jar, which I’m guessing is what you have.

4 Sprouting Jat LidsThey are well-made, long-lasting lids that make aerating your plants effortless and rinsing/draining water out a piece of cake. You simply wash them and can use them over and over again.

These mesh-top lids come in pack of 4, which of course means that you can grow multiple batches of greens at one time. But might also choose to use one for sprouting, one for sifting, straining or cooking projects, one for crafting and giving one to your kids for collecting bugs. Just don’t mix them up!

In any case, they are very versatile because you can use them in so many ways. Other than that, there’s not much else to say about them, pretty straightforward. Check them out here.

How to Make Sprouting Jar Lids

Another option is to make your own screen lids by cutting holes in the jar caps and adding your own screening. The video below shows how to add a piece of plastic needlepoint mesh (make sure you get one with small eough holes so that seeds don’t fall out).


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