Sprout Master Triple Sprouter Pros + Cons

Sprout MasterThe Sprout Master Triple Sprouter is a system of trays that seem overly simple – but they actually offer multiple advantages over other indoor growing gadgets.

First of all, unlike stacking trays, these allow for good air circulation for the sprouts as they are growing. It also comes with tray dividers, so that you don’t have to grow an entire tray of sprouts all at one time.

In addition, it makes it easy to grow a variety of plants in one tray and keep them separate from each other.

In addition, the trays are designed to fit easily on a refrigerator shelf. Many people grow lots of sprouts all at once because it requires less work – but they don’t want to eat all of those sprouts at once. Having a container that stores easily in the fridge makes it much more convenient.

All that said, this non-stacking system can take up more counter space. If you have very little room to grow sprouts, this is something to keep in mind. Another thing is that this is not an automatic sprouter. In most cases, you will need to water/rinse your sprouts daily to keep them healthy.

Check out this video below to find out more tips on growing a variety of greens in this cool kitchen gadget:

All beans virtually sprout in the same manner – so you can grow any bean sprout in a SproutMaster, even if you a brown thumb gardener (like me). The Sprout Master is versatile, yet super simple, so you can’t really screw up. Plus, the clean-up process is a snap, so I don’t have any excuse not to use it on a regular basis.

For such a simple apparatus, you might think that this plastic 3-tray system is overpriced at about $60. I might agree with you on that. A less expensive (but just as useful and easy) option in the Victorio, priced at under $20. All that said, the bottom line is it gets the job done of growing the sprouts with minimal time, space, effort and clean up.


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